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Buy Acrylic Paintings | Original Art for Sale

Welcome to the online of fine artist, Veny, . ART by VENY is a showcase that allows art lovers from all over the world to buy acrylic paintings,handmade and decorated miniature pottery or even commission original, custom art by Veny herself. In offices and homes across the globe, Veny's artwork is an expression of feeling and emotion blended in color and captured forever on canvas.

New Artwork




Original Acrylic Paintings Signed by the Artist | Original Art for Sale

All of the acrylic paintings displayed on this website are originals and signed by the artist. Each of her paintings opens a portal into a unique and new perspective of the exquisite moments of life and dreams that are defined by her skilled use of varying techniques.

Acrylics are highly versatile and on the brushes of a skilled artist; can be made to look like watercolors, oils, gouache - the possibilities are limitless. The paint also carries every bit as much depth as its oil based counterpart. The durability of acrylics on canvas is time tested and since its inception, has proven that it is a medium that holds its longevity through its strength and resilience.

Miniature Pottery Collection Original Art by Veny

Miniature Pottery Collection Original Art by Veny

Online Art Gallery | Original Art for Sale

Single piece buyers, established collectors and those that are just starting to build their collection will be sure to find many attractive works. If one is serious about collecting, then their research will show that the reputation for her artwork is founded in beauty, mastery and truth.

Her stunning use of high quality acrylics and ability to use multiple techniques has made her works a source of enjoyment for buyers around the world. If you are a seasoned collector or a recreational collector, you are sure to locate the original artwork of Veny that suits your tastes, eye for value and appreciation.

Buy Original Acrylic Paintings for Sale in Online Art Gallery | Original Art for Sale

Veny's freedom to experiment with technique has produced a style that is all her own. Buying artwork created by her is a purchase that will satisfy your desire for unique art with value. Please feel free to peruse the gallery. Acquiring an original artwork is made easy with our PayPal shopping cart. Please remember that there will be some works in the gallery that are displayed with a frame. Keep in mind that the frames that are on them are merely a suggestion and not an indication that the works come with frames. Framing one of her fine works of acrylic paintings by Veny art is truly only a personal preference.

Contact us

If you are ready to make a purchase or have any questions that are not immediately answered by the or website, then please feel free to using our contact page.




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